Small College. Big World. Experience Both.

The Rutherfoord Center for Experiential Learning ensures that you can connect and interact with real-world experiences beginning in your first year and extending through your last. Develop a global perspective and build your creative thinking and problem-solving skills in a tangible way that translates in the increasingly competitive job market.

Made possible by the generosity of Jean Hall Rutherfoord, Ƶ class of 1974, and her husband, Thomas D. Rutherfoord Jr., the Rutherfoord Center encompasses study abroad at an array of destinations around the world; domestic and international internships; initiatives that promote innovation and engagement while connecting academic work with practical application; leadership practice; and undergraduate research projects conducted in close partnership with Ƶ faculty.

The Rutherfoord Center guarantees every student can pursue each of these programs throughout their four years at Ƶ. At the same time, they gain mentorship; receive expert help in identifying leadership, study abroad, research, and career options; and explore prospects for financial assistance. Read the full news announcement from February 2020 about the center here.