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There’s more to college — and life — than the Ƶ campus. We offer our students global learning opportunities around the globe. Ƶ has study abroad programs on every continent save for Antarctica! Ƶ also offers January Term language immersion and faculty-led programs.

For semester long programs, Ƶ applies your study abroad credits to financial aid and graduation requirements. Find out how living in a different country can change your perspective on everything.

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Ramona Kirsch, Ed.D.
Director, Global Learning Hub
Wyndham Robertson Library
Office Hours:
M – F, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Your Global Learning Journey at Hollins University

The below offers a sampling of the Global Learning-related opportunities available to students from their very first semester on campus up to graduation and even beyond, as Ƶ alumnae/i.

  • First Year

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    • Visit the Global Learning Hub (GLH) to plan your global experience while at Ƶ
    • Explore options for a
    • Enroll in Modern Language courses to prepare for language immersion abroad
    • Attend GLH events on campus
    • Join campus clubs with global focus
    • Apply for 1st year internship with local organization have a global focus
    • Explore resources for international internships and careers on the GLH website
  • Sophomore Year

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    • Take UNIV 101 Global Learning Pre-departure course the semester before you study abroad
    • Take a
    • for a Semester or Year
    • Do an international internship with your semester study abroad program
    • Be a GLH student assistant
    • Participate in a Study Away domestic program
    • Apply for with global content
    • Intern or volunteer at local organization with a global focus
    • Attend GLH events on campus
  • Junior Year

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    • Take UNIV 102 Global Learning Reentry course the semester after studying abroad
    • Take a or
    • for a Semester or Year
    • Do an international internship with your semester study abroad program
    • Participate in a Study Away domestic program
    • Attend GLH events on campus
    • Join Model UN and/or Arab League
    • Attend HU Career Connection Conference (C3) and seek out sessions with global focus
    • Begin to create a LinkedIn page which highlights your global learning experience
    • Become a GLH
  • Senior Year

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    • Take a
    • Integrate global/diversity topics into your senior or honors thesis
    • Apply for post-graduate awards such as , , or
    • Present independent research done abroad during the Ƶ Student Performance and Academic Research Conference (SPARC)
    • Intern/volunteer at local organization with a global focus
    • Become a GLH
    • Attend international conferences that encourage student participation
    • Attend GLH workshops to learn about post-graduate opportunities to work or attend graduate school abroad
    • Prepare resume/cover letter that highlights your global learning experience
  • After Graduation

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    • Keep us posted on your continued global engagement on our
    • Join the
    • Join on LinkedIn
    • If you work abroad, collaborate with GLH to develop an international internship opportunity
    • Volunteer to be an abroad alum mentor to current students
Carly Lewis '21 Brick Lane London
Fall and Spring Semester Options and a London Theatre Semester Option!

London Program

Alex Lesniak ’20 studied in the Ƶ in London program during Spring Term 2019, and she captured this  of her adventures visiting Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam with her fellow Ƶ students during their Spring Break.

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Choose from two program tracks, one specifically for French majors/minors

French Program

– A unique partnership with the American Business School in Paris
– Internship opportunities for students with advanced French proficiency

“I have lived to my absolute unfiltered fullness in Paris. There was no other time and no other place I would have rather been.”
Lenna Gurung ’22

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Sarah Short - 64

Frequently Asked Questions About Global Learning

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  • How does Global Learning Hub accomplish its mission?

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    The Global Learning Hub accomplishes its mission in a number of different ways that foster connection and support student engagement, including the following:

    • Study Abroad and Study Away domestic programs
    • Study Abroad scholarships
    • International internships
    • International partnerships
    • Global Learning workshops and opportunities for faculty, staff and alumnae/i
    • Global Learning courses including assessment
    • Grant activity to diversify and expand global options/internationalize campus
    • Community engagement and events on and off campus
  • What is the mission of Ƶ’ Global Learning Hub (GLH)?

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    • Develop global engagement opportunities both at home and abroad for students, faculty, and staff
    • Focus on increasing accessibility for more Ƶ students to not only study abroad but also to increase international internships, study-away domestic programs, and global engagement at the local level
    • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and international partners to develop innovative partnerships in global research, study abroad/away, and exchanges (both virtual and face-to-face)
    • Engage students in activities that strengthen individual global competencies and provides them with opportunities to develop the skills and cultural understanding necessary to effectively address global challenges and positively impact Virginia, the nation, and our world
  • What is Global Learning?

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    Global learning is a combination of local, regional, national, and international experiences which help students build global awareness, engage in global diversity, and prepare for an increasingly interconnected world. Through the Global Learning Hub, each Ƶ student can find global learning opportunities available on campus, in the region, virtually, and internationally. The Hub offers global learning programs (both abroad and domestic), workshops, travel awards, and resources that enhance students’ academic and career goals.

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