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Internships allow Ƶ students to explore and to discover, to ask pertinent questions, and to solve interesting problems. In addition, internships provide students with specific skills, introduce them to the rigors of the workplace, give them insights into a field, and allow them to measure their own abilities against the demands of a given profession.

Lauren Widner ’20 interned at The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC during Short Term 2020. Her alumna sponsor was Caitlin Hoerr ’13.


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of students complete internships before they graduate

Many having completed more than one!


awarded to students pursuing internships for credit

in support of transportation, housing, and stipends

Types of Internships

First Year Internships (FYI)

From year one, you can participate in local Roanoke-area internships during the January term as part of the First-Year Internship Program. FYI interns work 30-35 hours per week at curated businesses and organizations for four weeks and receive four academic credits. The program includes a FYI class facilitated by Ƶ faculty and shuttle transportation to most internship sites.

Signature Internships

Career Development and Life Design, in partnership with Ƶ alumnae/i, arranges January and Summer internships for Ƶ students. The Signature program offers real-world experience, networking events with alumnae/i, and meaningful work related to students’ career goals.


Independent internships are self-sought and can be taken for academic credit during any term. Students can either apply for existing opportunities or create their own through networking.

Micro-Internships with Parker Dewey

Micro-Internships offer short-term, paid work experiences alongside corporate and nonprofit partners. Students can showcase their skills, explore career paths, and develop professional networks. These opportunities typically range from 10 to 40 hours of remote work, unlike traditional internships.

International Internships

Hollins University’s Global Learning Hub coordinates international internships in various countries, including Spain, Argentina, Japan, France, England, Greece, and Italy, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in their fields of interest.

Greece - Jterm23

When Can I Participate in Internships?

Semester & Summer

Students can participate in fall and spring internships in the Roanoke Valley or through remote work.

Summer enables students to intern anywhere they wish whether it be in person or remote.

January Short Term

A January short term internship must be fulltime where students complete a minimum of 35 hours per week for four weeks.

Students can pursue independent internships or participate in formal programs like Signature and First-Year internships.

Want to Hire Ƶ?

Career Connection Conference

Not only do students have ample opportunities to leave campus and engage in “real world learning,” but our annual Career Connections Conferences (C3) offers professional learning and networking onto campus!

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