There’s an energy to Ƶ academics.

Our classes are lively and challenging, rich in collaboration and community. It’s what built the foundation for our academic reputation,
and it’s why our students have layers of knowledge and relevant experience to step into any environment and succeed. No matter your
program, you’ll be encouraged to challenge yourself, expand your worldview, and embrace change, giving you the opportunity to take
charge and shape tomorrow.


Ƶ Graduates

complete at least one internship as students (and half of those complete more than one)


of Ƶ Graduates

are employed or attend graduate or professional school


of Full-Time Professors

have a Ph.D. or the terminal degree in their field


Field Study and Affiliated Programs

for students to choose from

Our admission team is on your side

We invite you to become the person you were destined to be. Speak with our admission counselors to discover how our programs can take you to your next level.

Find a program that fuels your passions

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All Programs

From undergraduate to graduate to pre-professional, our educational programs encourage you to push your limits and find out what you’re made of.

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Core Curriculum

Gain the tools and confidence to explore and challenge yourself. Develop the skills that employers are looking for. Prepare to lead a life of purpose.

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Explore all that Ƶ has to offer with undergrad programs that allow you to dive deep into your interests and gain the skills you need for your next steps in life.

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Hone your craft and pursue your purpose. Our co-ed graduate programs prepare you to take your career to the next level.

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Our pre-professional programs allow you to gain hands-on experience and build deep connections with industry professionals in your desired field.

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Explore More Ways To Learn


Fill your January with educational experiences.

J-Term. January Term. Short Term. They all mean the same thing here at Ƶ: a month of opportunity and activities for students to expand their education and gain experience through seminars, internships, and studying abroad.

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Study Abroad

Learn and travel across the world.

We offer over 20 study abroad programs around the globe, so you can eat, breathe, and study in a culture you’ve always wanted to explore.

The Rutherfoord Center

Go beyond the classroom.

Starting your first year on, you can take part in a wide array of activities and programs designed to extend your learning and build your experience in your fields of interest.

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“In terms of academics, I’ve had a lot of experience with research that I think would have been harder for me to attain at larger schools.”

Yareli-Sosa-Antunez '23

“Ƶ has prepared me for so much. It’s because of the classes, it’s because of my relationship with my professors, being able to talk to them, and it’s feeling like this is a safe place to express my opinions and getting tons of practice in doing that. Ƶ has given me immense life skills.”

Letitia Thym '23

“The… faculty are wonderful and supportive. Anyone I’ve taken classes with has really given me guidance, and I’ve been lucky to have research opportunities.”

Jennifer Noyes '23
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Additional Opportunities

Take Your Ƶ Experience Further

Through our programs, clubs, organizations, traditions, and campus life, you get to enrich your time at Ƶ and walk away with more than an education. You’ll gain memories, friendships, and skills that will last you a lifetime.

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