This is where dreams become possibilities.

Our students come ready to begin their next chapter. To be inspired and excited by what they learn,
assured in their friendships and community. And they graduate as leaders, decision-makers, and shapers of tomorrow.

History & Traditions

We are a school steeped in traditions

Founded almost 200 years ago, Ƶ was one of the first institutions for the advanced education of women in the United States. Today, our traditions link the past to the present and create a communal sense of purpose and place that stays with you forever.

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“I’ve gained the ability to analyze things in a way that I feel more certain in expressing myself, expressing my ideas, and expressing the way I came to those ideas. Over the last four years, Ƶ has given me that confidence to speak my mind.”

Alyssa "Mars" McLeod '23
Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

We are a culture where all are welcomed.

Ƶ values and respects every individual for the unique gifts they offer our community and the world beyond. We are dedicated to the continuing advancement of our mission in celebrating our differences and opening doors for people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and identities.

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Ƶ and the Community

Your chance to get away from it all.

Nestled within the Roanoke Valley, at the heart of the cultural and business center of Southwest Virginia and only minutes away from Roanoke’s downtown scene, Ƶ offers a total campus experience and an exciting region full of adventure and opportunity to explore.

Alumnae/i Connection

Your people. Your network.

Women find out what they’re made of at Ƶ. An atmosphere of friendship and support is at the heart of our alumnae/i network and follows you throughout every step of your life’s journey. Our undergraduate and graduate alumnae/i are in the world making their difference in big and small ways, and we celebrate them all.

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The Levavi Oculos Strategic Plan

Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives

By 2030, Ƶ will have implemented integrative learning practices, equity-minded access policies, extensive experiential learning, compassionate challenge, and a holistic wellness focus to meet our mission call and ensure our sustainability.

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  • Can I do internships during my four years at Ƶ?

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    Many international students work internships during the summer break and January term.

    Students who receive internships can apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through the Global Learning Hub. The internship must be done for academic credit to qualify for CPT.

  • How will Ƶ help me transition to college life?

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    The entire Ƶ community strives to make the transition to college life as easy and enjoyable as possible for new students! Before the academic year begins, all new students participate in orientation with student leaders and faculty. Orientation kicks-off with the Road to Commencement on Front Quad, and the rest of the week includes fun and informative sessions about clubs and activities, academic programs, and on-campus services. Plus, orientation concludes with the Roanoke Romp, led by our fabulous student Orientation Leaders!

    HU Connect supports programming that brings together new students and current student mentors to build community among minority students and first-generation or limited-income students. Ƶ’ new CORE curriculum program helps first-year students succeed academically during their transition to college life, and our Center for Learning Excellence is available in the library for students seeking extra support in math, writing, and other subjects.

  • Besides the cost of attendance, what other expenses do students have?

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    Other expenses include but are not limited to, textbooks and other school supplies, personal items and leisure activity spending.

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